Allan is a management consultant, writer, photographer and teacher.  He is currently balancing coaching owners and managers of growing information technology companies with helping college students learn the arts of consulting and business strategy. 

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Allan’s focus has always been on interesting things to do.  The result is five books.  These can be found on  and searching Allan J Wilson.


Grow your Technology Company



Grow Your Technology Company, is Allan’s approach to growing technology companies from an initial product to profitable growth.  It is the result of working with over 500 small and medium-sized information technology companies.


Consulting Practice


Consulting Practice is a textbook designed to help students and consultants learn how to make money in consulting.  The skills used to manage a successful consulting practice are the same skills needed to manage a successful career.


Consulting: short, short stories


Consulting: short, short stories, is a book about how consultants think and work.  It might be believable, and funny, depending on how long you have been working as a consultant.  It is a subset of Consulting Practice.


Surviving Change


In a world of rapid change, most of us think about how to survive, and thrive.  Surviving Change explores possibilities.


NOW: Poetry & Photographs


NOW: Poetry & Photographs started in New York, one of those places where inspiration is everywhere.  It is a collection of poetry and photographs about current matters.